Exterior concrete staining is more than a surface treatment – it penetrates into the concrete and creates rich tones with a sense of depth. You also have a huge color palate to choose from.

Easy Care

Easy Care

Sealed concrete is much easier to take care of. It will not fade, flake, or peel the way other concrete coatings may. The pigments become bonded to the concrete.



Whether you have a commercial property or a large residential pool area, exterior concrete staining is an affordable way to finish and restore concrete.

Exterior concrete staining in your home or business ensures a surface that is versatile, beautiful, and long-lasting. Turn to Fuller Stone Care for brand-new concrete sealing or help restoring old, ugly, stained and spotted concrete to better than new.

You are working with a company that has experienced with concrete staining in factories, warehouses, patios, driveways, schools, parking lots, walkways, driveways, patios – you name it! If it is an exterior surface made of concrete then we can help.

Is Fuller Stone Care the Best choice?

Yes. It is true that you have options but you will not find a company more dedicated to perfecting exterior concrete staining. With 25+ years of experience we know how to take away the headache and ensure that our customers have nothing to worry about.

5-Star Reviews

Our five-star reviews don’t lie: We offer exceptional service. After decades of experience we know what we are doing.

Larry Fuller, Owner Since 1993

Trust the locally owned company that has been run by Larry Fuller for more than 25+. Fuller Stone Care is in good hands.

Honest, Quality, and Integrity

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